Shift NYC1 takes a holistic approach to your optimal health.

We are a company that uses recovery methods & optimal training to help you reach your goals and promote a longer healthier life.

It’s not just about training!

Let Shift NYC1 help you achieve your health & wellness goals! 

Shift NYC1 takes a holistic approach to your overall health needs. Our goal is provide outstanding services, tools and educational content for your overall longevity.

Mindset: When you shift the mind, the body will follow.  You get what you focus on. Through focus & prioritization is how we will reach your goals.

Assessments: Gauge where you are and where you need to be through Flexibility, Strength, Speed and Endurance.

Goal Setting: Set S.M.A.R.T. goals to optimize your overall health & longevity – Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic & Time-bound.

Healthy Lifestyle: Focusing on longevity, pain relief, weight loss, injury prevention and/or athletic performance.

Individualized Program Design: Customize a personalized program plan based on your needs & goals.

Let Shift NYC1 guide you to shift the way you think about training. Learn more about our services!

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