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Shift the way you think about training!

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Shift NYC1 takes a holistic approach to your optimal health. 

Our goal to our clients is to provide outstanding services, while providing tools & content helpful for your overall longevity. 

We use recovery methods & optimal training to promote a longer healthier life.

Our goal is to focus on you as an individual, by providing services to our clients through long term training. Whether you’re looking to simply get healthier or get into a specific fitness activity, we will customize each session to meet your fitness goals.

With our Customized Plans, we will build an individualized program designed around your overall goals.  These programs are based on various factors, such as Flexibility, Injury Prevention, release it tension, Strength training, your eating habits and endurance training. 

About Founder / CEO: Miguel Charles

Since childhood, Miguel was inspired by bodybuilding. He played basketball through high school into college, so was very familiar with the health & wellness and athletic preparation. In the early 80s, Miguel started a career in banking, but found he enjoyed being in the gym more than being in corporate America.

Miguel Charles, Founder & CEO of Shift NY

After realizing the Banking Industry was not his dream, Miguel left the corporate world to pursue his true dream in the health & wellness and athletic preparation industry. For the next 10 years, Miguel transitioned into his new career as a personal training manager. He worked for large gym franchises in various locations in NYC.

In 1999, Miguel started his own personal training business. Training athletes in many sports, including soccer, basketball and track & field, to name a few. He found the more he worked with clients, the more aware he became of the nagging injuries the average person sustained while training, especially in the hip, knees, lower back & ankles area.

He knew there was a way to further help people and soon began studying injury prevention & rehabilitation methods. Through continued dedication to his clients, Miguel continues to work to find resources and education in helping his clients. He also works with licensed massage therapists and certified trainers to optimize their full potential in helping clients meet their goals.

Today, Shift NYC1 continues to successfully assist clients reach their full potential.


Over more than a decade working together, Shift NYC1 has guided me from oft-injured and unfocused to a dedicated athlete. They understand my evolving needs, are always there to support me and are great to train with. When we started, I could barely run or pick up my kids. Now I play field sports regularly, can bench press my own weight and feel great!

~ Scott M.

I’ve been working with Shift NYC1 for over 7 years, and they have truly changed my life. Over the years, they have worked with me through issues of back pain, countless different fitness goals & various minor injuries. They always know just the right mix of training, self-care & rest. Their kindness and patience, as well as their focus on execution and attention to detail make me feel safe pushing past my comfort level in the gym, and has made me stronger and healthier than I ever expected to be. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. 

~ Eva C.

I started working with Shift NYC1 in 2012 when I thought I was already in good shape & didn’t know what personal training could really do for me. My sport of choice is distance running. While I envisioned myself with a thin runner’s body, the professionals at Shift NYC1 had other plans for me!  The moment we started training, I knew I was in expert hands. My body was transformed into a powerhouse, helping me accomplish things I never thought possible. Not only did I drop 30 minutes from my marathon time, but I can deadlift more than I ever thought possible.

Over the years, I have been so impressed by their dedication to me & my goals. I have been impressed with their extensive knowledge base & understanding of the physical & mental aspects of working out. I can’t thank Shift NYC1 enough for transforming me into the confident athlete I am today.

~ Emily M.